The beginning

First ambulance ride.

June 13, 2015, Part 3

We waited quite awhile for the ambulance to arrive to transfer us. When they finally arrived, they had to strap Luke on the gurney to keep him from escaping, er, I mean rolling off.

13 04 T1D transfer

Only one of us could ride in the ambulance with him. Luke and I shared our first ambulance ride together. Joel stopped home to grab a few more things and lock up the dog. My parents followed behind. They monitored Luke the whole way to South Bend. They didn’t want his blood sugar to go under 300 before he got to the hospital, so about halfway they stopped the insulin drip. I was so grateful that Luke was able to sleep a little bit on the drive over. He was so exhausted.

13 06 T1D transfer

We were total VIPs when we arrived at Memorial. We walked right in, got in the elevator, and went straight up to the Pediatrics ICU. I’m sure it had nothing to do with us arriving with the EMTs.


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