The beginning

Lots more learning and then we go home!

Last night was a much better night in the sleep department. Being detached from all things beeping and tangling, Luke could move around freely. I’m sure being utterly exhausted didn’t have anything to do with it.

Today was another day of learning and visiting.

We learned a bunch of math. We learned what is good to raise Luke’s blood sugar when he’s low. (I didn’t think we’d EVER have to use that- it seemed he would always be high.) We learned what to do when he is high. We laughed. We joked. We zoned out from information overload. But in the end, we apparently did okay. Because they gave us the okay to be discharged later that afternoon.

15 03 T1D education.jpg

Luke decided that he wants to give himself his shots. I am 100% okay with that. (If I didn’t mention it before, I was an absolute horrible shot-giver. I was so nervous. Let’s just say Luke told me, in a nice way, that I will never do his shots again.) We will still help him calculate how much insulin he needs, but he can 100% be in charge of the actual shooting up.

15 02 T1D hospital injection.jpg

In order to stay alive, Luke now needs to give himself a shot with every meal. These shots can go in his thigh, his butt, his stomach or the back of his arm. I think his favorite place is thigh. These shots are partially dosed according to how many carbs he has at each meal. That means we have to figure out exactly how many carbs he is going to eat before he eats it. (This is really hard to do with foods made from scratch!) We also have to correct his blood sugar at each meal, if it’s high. Like I said, lots and lots of math.

While we were getting edumacated, Grandpa and Olivia came up for a visit. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of class, so we couldn’t chat long. They stopped in our room for a selfie, though!

15 05 T1D hospital missed visitors

After lunch, we packed everything up and cleaned up as much as we could because we were ready to go home! We met Dr. Fadia and chatted with her for a short time. (She was a busy lady- there were four additional new cases of Type 1 Diabetes that weekend!) Finally, in the late afternoon, we were discharged! We are so happy to go home!

15 04 T1D going HOME

I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed… I’m looking a little weary in this picture. Ha ha!


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