A new norm

First day as a pancreas.

June 16, 2015

Today was the first day we served as Luke’s pancreas on our own. I have to say it’s a nerve-wracking thing. There’s a meme in the T1D world that says something about spending the last few days cramming for a big exam, but if you fail your son could end up in a coma. Yeah. Nerve-wracking indeed.

Joel went back to work. So, it was just Luke and me. His body is still adjusting to this whole T1D thing, so he is still pretty high. Despite the heat & humidity, we did a lot of walking and drinking water to try to get those highs down. McCarthy gave up mid-walk and I had to carry him home, the lazy dog.

16 01 walking off a high.jpg

We were so excited when Luke got in the 100s later in the day! All of that walking and water paid off!

16 02 in the 100s.jpg

It’s crazy to me to think this is something we will always be thinking about- carbs, blood sugar, how do you feel? It’s our new normal.


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