A new norm

But can he eat that?

We went to Rocket Science Ice Cream today. I was hoping they had carb counts, but nope. It’s alright. I’m getting pretty good at the guessing game.

I think I gave the girl working behind the counter a minor heart attack when I told her I was asking for the carb count because Luke was diabetic. She kept telling me she could put sugar-free flavorings in the ice cream. (Side note: Sometimes sugar-free foods have more carbs than regular foods.) I assured her that he was okay eating sugared-up flavorings, we just had to give him insulin to cover it.


We haven’t run into the “Can he really eat that?” question very often. And, honestly, it doesn’t bother me when it does come up. I am more than happy to educate people. I am nearly certain that most people only ask because they care. They want to be accommodating and helpful.

Luke can eat anything he wants to eat. Obviously things that are higher in carbs need more insulin coverage. His two favorite things to eat are pizza and pasta. He likes an occasional ice cream treat. The only major change we’ve noticed is snacks. Because he is still on insulin pens, he has to have his injections at least three hours apart. When he wants a snack, it usually has to be a “zero” food like cheese, veggies & dip, or meat sticks.


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