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We’re pumped.

We have been looking forward to November. November is the magic month where we get to switch over to an insulin pump. At our last diabetic education appointment, we sat down and looked at our different pump options. Luke really likes the t:slim. He loves the touch screen and the fact that it looks like an iPod. Since it’s going to be hanging on his hip, we went with what he wanted.


Because our insurance company was switching, we were able to get the pump a little earlier than originally planned. (And completely covered by insurance- yay for a met deductible! I guess…)

Once it arrived, we set up two appointments with Noreen, our Diabetic Educator. The first is for her to show us how to program the pump and do a site change. We filled the cartridge with saline, just to be sure we did everything correctly. Luke still had to give himself shots while the pump gave him saline.

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Then, two days later, we returned for a site change again. But this time we filled the cartridge with insulin. Luke was pretty excited that he is pretty much shot-free now. (He will still need them for emergency situations if/when the pump fails him.) We celebrated by eating pizza at Barnaby’s.


Such a feeling of freedom!


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