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Down 9.7 points.

When you are diabetic, you learn to speak a whole new language. I remember when we were first diagnosed, a friend & fellow T1D mom asked me what his A1c was.

His A1-what?

I learned later that an A1c is a number given to you, using an average of the last 2-3 months of blood sugar levels. A normal, non-diabetic should have an A1c of about 4.5-6%. When Luke was diagnosed, his A1c was 14.7%. This means his average blood sugar was about 370 over the last 2-3 months. YIKES!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.20.40 AM
A1c chart from http://www.mayoclinic.org.

Fast forward to today. We had our first official appointment with the endocrinologist, after we have been managing his T1D for a good chunk of time. I knew, his A1c had to have come down some. After all, he has been rocking this diabetes thing. The endo’s goal was 7.5%. My personal goal was 7.0%.

09 02 endo appt a1c 5-9.jpg

Say what!? 5.0%!? I told you he was rocking this diabetes thing!

A lot of endos would be concerned with such a low A1c. It could mean there are a lot of untreated lows happening. But not in our case. Luke is just pretty much awesome.


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