A new norm · Everyday life.

It’s a wild, unpredictable ride.

Yesterday was the first day I felt confused and helpless when it comes to T1D. Most days, Luke’s blood sugar levels are even and steady. If he goes out of range at all, it’s just outside the lines and right after a meal.

Yesterday, however, it was a crazy, twisty, hilly rollercoaster. We hit over 300 for the first time since diagnosis. We couldn’t figure out why- still can’t. Luke told us how many carbs he ate and bolused for. While, he was off on the carb count, it wasn’t by much. And it certainly wasn’t 150 points enough.

It finally started coming down in the car on our way to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. By mid-movie, he was 62 and still going down. So we broke out the Smarties. It took awhile, but it eventually started coming back up. And up… and up, reaching nearly 200. (Totally not normal for him.) I had him do a finger prick and it said 235. He redid it and it said 325! We didn’t 100% trust these readings because 1. He didn’t feel like he was that high. and 2. I’m not sure how clean his fingers actually were after eating Smarties. So, we waited. (I’m getting really good at this waiting game, by the way.)

20 star wars
Our little family waiting for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to begin.

By the time we got home, Luke was low again. We had him wash his hands really well, finger prick, calibrate Dex, and eat a PB&J. We were finally successful, staying between 100 and 130 through the night.

I’d be okay never having a day like that again. Not likely with this crazy disease, but I would definitely be okay with it.

How long until that cure??


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