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Party like it’s Christmas 2015.

Today we conquered our first day of school Christmas parties since being diagnosed. I’d give ourselves an A. Scratch that, I’d give Luke an A. I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I texted Luke when school first started and told him to text me if he needed help calculating any carbs at his Christmas celebrations at school.  I had the My Fitness Pal app pulled up & ready to go as soon as I got that text. Well, let’s just say I am still waiting on that text. My almost-12-year-old T1D Rock Star did it 100% by himself.

(Wait a minute! He still needs his mom, right??)

Being in junior high, he had a party in both the math/science block and the ELA/social studies block. Watching the Follow app throughout the day, I could totally tell when he was partying and when he was not.

18 anatomy of a t1d graph

He says he had a lot of candy at Party #1. Being pure sugar, it moves more quickly through the body causing a faster rise. Hence, the high.

I would say Luke did a pretty amazing job for his first go at being independent. Would I expect any less? Absolutely not.


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