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What is a honeymoon?


What is a honeymoon?

honeymoon caribbean

No, not THAT honeymoon! (Although, I’d be more than happy to take a 2nd honeymoon here!)

One of the differences between a Type 1 and a Type 2 diabetic is the function of the pancreas. With Type 2, a person is insulin resistant. The pancreas often still produces insulin, but the body is not able to use the insulin the right way. With Type 1, the pancreas stops insulin production completely. (More on the differences in a later post.)

In Type 1 Diabetes lingo, a honeymoon is a period of time when the Type 1 diabetic’s pancreas starts working again. Sometimes a diabetic in honeymoon doesn’t have to take insulin at all. Sometimes, he needs very little insulin. His sugar levels are generally pretty even-steven, as well, thanks to the at least partial return of the pancreas.


At our last endocrinologist appointment, Luke’s endo said Luke is “clearly still in honeymoon.” It’s been eight months since he’s been diagnosed. He’s still on insulin, but not as much as someone not in honeymoon (says the doctor). His numbers are generally in range with more lows than highs.

How long does honeymoon last? It depends on the person. To my knowledge, I don’t think there are any factors that will prolong the honeymoon period, either. Some people don’t get a honeymoon. Others had honeymoon periods last upwards of three years.

I’d be okay with the honeymoon period lasting forever, really.


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