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New year, new supplies.

A new year means a new set of supplies. I have to admit, even getting boxes full of diabetic supplies is fun. It’s kind of like Christmas. Is that weird? Meh, we’ve always embraced the weird around here.

Throughout the month of January we received big boxes of pump supplies- insets, cartridges, & syringes- as well as Dexcom supplies- sensors and the new G5 transmitter. Adding all of that to the supplies we already had, including test strips, pen needles, lancets (lots & lots of lancets! Ha!), extra meters, charging cords, tegaderm, alcohol wipes & recovery sugar stuff, we had to have a better storage solution.

29 01 t1d supply closet

I love this cabinet. Joel made it years ago. I think it was originally for my scrapbooking supplies. Then, it was taken to the basement to store blankets. Now, it’s the perfect storage cabinet for Luke’s diabetic supplies.


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