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Life in the fast lane.

I’ll be the first to admit it. We eat out a lot. Probably too much. Especially during busy times of life like the beginning of the school year, parent-teacher conference week in October, or currently- swim season.

I try to make this whole Type 1 thing as easy as possible. So when I realized that Luke keeps his meal choices constant, never wavering from his “usual” at each restaurant, I decided to keep track of the carb counts of each of his usual meals at restaurants. I do it in a very fancy, technical way- in the Notes app on my phone. That way I {almost} always have it with me. Except when I forget my phone.

fast food

Now, when we visit our local Culver’s, Luke’s meal of a double bacon & cheese butterburger with cheese curds is an 81g of carb meal. (By the way, I was shocked when I learned that cheese curds are 51g of carbs! I thought being cheese they’d be fairly low. Now I know.) Or when he’s craving Taco Bell, his grillers are 110g of carbs. (Of course he chooses the only option at TB that has potatoes in it. He’s such a Hoosier.)

My next step is to put this list in Luke’s phone because, well, I won’t be his right-hand lady forever. Or maybe he will invite me on his dates in a few years…


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