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Easter candy carb counts.

While most of Luke’s Easter basket is filled with non-candy items, we do put a little candy in his basket. He also gets plenty of candy from friends, school, and grandparents, too. So I’m thankful that Beyond Type 1 created this list of carb counts for Easter candy. I wanted to share it with you,… Continue reading Easter candy carb counts.



Easy Halloween carb counting.

Happy Halloween! Luke and trick or treating go way back, from his first Halloween as a firefighter to last year as a steampunker. Dressing up has always been the highlight of Halloween for Luke. He was never really interested in the candy part of trick or treating. Not being a fan of candy has always been… Continue reading Easy Halloween carb counting.

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Step by step, it’s eatin’ time.

Before June 13, 2015, at dinner time we would fill our plates or grab a snack and start eating. Now, it takes a little more effort before we can eat. As you all probably know by now, we don’t limit Luke when it comes to carbs. He eats anything he ate before diagnosis. He eats anything that… Continue reading Step by step, it’s eatin’ time.

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Carb counting on the go.

One of the trickiest times to figure carbs is when you eat out. We jumped in head first when we went on vacation to Pigeon Forge two weeks after diagnosis last year. Our most common method of figuring up carb counts is to use the My Fitness Pal app on our phone. This app not… Continue reading Carb counting on the go.

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Well that came on suddenly…

4:45 p.m. “Luke, Dex says you’re low. Finger prick and treat if you need to.” He’s 146. False alarm. 5:30 p.m. “Pizza’s here!” Pizza usually helps keep that blood sugar up… sometimes too far up. After eating & “insulating,” he stayed in range. 6:15 p.m. Luke goes outside and comes right back in to test. “Um,… Continue reading Well that came on suddenly…

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Life in the fast lane.

I’ll be the first to admit it. We eat out a lot. Probably too much. Especially during busy times of life like the beginning of the school year, parent-teacher conference week in October, or currently- swim season. I try to make this whole Type 1 thing as easy as possible. So when I realized that… Continue reading Life in the fast lane.

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Text me a picture.

The last birthday party Luke went to was in July. He was newly diagnosed. I sent a bunch of zero snacks with him and those were pretty much all he ate, if I remember right. He was leery to eat too many carbalicious foods without mom or dad close. And I was a-okay with that!… Continue reading Text me a picture.

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It’s a small world.

We attended a wedding over the weekend. Our little family sat at a table with complete strangers, but we quickly found things to talk about. Things we had in common. The lady to Joel’s left was a retired teacher. We had LOTS to chat about, of course. When the first course was served, Joel, Luke… Continue reading It’s a small world.

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Snack time.

My grocery list has changed significantly since Luke’s diagnosis. I try to have plenty of “zero” snacks for him to eat between meals. These are snacks that are 8g of carbs or less & he doesn’t have to bolus (give himself insulin) for. I’m always on the look out for new ones, so if you… Continue reading Snack time.

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We conquered the buffet.

Tonight was our Christmas Eve. We have many Christmas Eve traditions; the first is to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner. Our favorite local Chinese buffet closed last year, so we opted for Tucano’s, a Brazilian Grill & Buffet. Being a chain, we thought for sure we’d find nutritional information online… big fat NOPE. So… Continue reading We conquered the buffet.