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You know you’re a T1D mom when…

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You know you’re a T1D mom when…

*you carry a bag, not a purse.

*you’ve always got juice and/or candy on your being.

*you wear a smart watch, but the numbers on your watchface don’t represent the time.

*people wonder why you are constantly checking your phone and/or “the time.”

*you know how many carbs a piece of bread, an apple or a bag of chips has.

*you can look at a plate & figure out carbs in minutes.

*you see that the speedometer reads 55 and you automatically reach for some Skittles.

*you don’t think twice when you ask your child if he/she is high.

*the techs at the pharmacy know you by name.

*you carry around needles and syringes like it’s no big deal.

What can you add to this list?


2 thoughts on “You know you’re a T1D mom when…

  1. You find discarded/used test strips on your kitchen counters, in the floorboard of your car, and on every other livable surface in your house.

    Your personal fitbit/sleep tracker shows that you got up more than 5 times a night. Even more on a rough night….

    You have a sharps container on your kitchen counter that is likely an empty laundry detergent bottle. LOL


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