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We conquered the buffet.

Tonight was our Christmas Eve. We have many Christmas Eve traditions; the first is to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner. Our favorite local Chinese buffet closed last year, so we opted for Tucano’s, a Brazilian Grill & Buffet. Being a chain, we thought for sure we’d find nutritional information online… big fat NOPE. So we did our first major guessing for food that wasn’t prepared by us.

23 01 tucanos

He had grilled pineapple. He had Brazilian cheese balls. He had veggies. He had pasta (of course). He had really rare meat (gag). His blood sugar didn’t go over 121. Woo hoo!

(By the way, he wore shorts. Today we had record highs in the mid-60s!   In Indiana! Two days before Christmas!)

When we got home, we started with our next Christmas Eve tradition- new PJs with cookies and hot cocoa. (Even McCarthy the Yorkie Poo got new PJs this year. He looks a little hateful in the picture, though.)

23 02 PJs

We got Swiss Miss Light Hot Cocoa for Luke this year- only 5 carbs per pouch! He decided to eat two Million Dollar cookies and two Pepparkakor cookies- made by Grandma- with his hot cocoa. His sugar stayed in range again! Woo hoo!

Tomorrow starts our series of Christmas celebrations, starting with our little family Christmas first thing tomorrow morning. Our half & half (half-LED light/half-traditional light) tree is all ready with gifts underneath. Ain’t she pretty?

23 05 tree

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


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