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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week! Really makes me ready for summer things like ice cream, geocaching, and grilling. Tuesday we stopped at the store for some charcoal & steaks and veggies to grill. While we were getting the potatoes & peppers, we spotted the strawberries and grabbed us a carton. Luke has always loved strawberries. and has been known to eat them cartons at a time.

strawberries 002e
These strawberries are ones we picked at the strawberry farm a couple of years ago. Can’t wait for strawberry season again!

He was pretty excited when he found out strawberries have practically zero carbs in them. At only about one carb per berry, it’s another no bolus snack!


Well… it’s another no bolus snack IF you don’t eat the whole carton… which Luke did… without bolusing. OOPS.

I’m not entirely sure where the rest of the strawberry tops got to…

Fortunately, Luke must have been on the low side before he ate this ENTIRE CARTON of strawberries because his blood sugar never really went up too far. Now he knows that if he’s going to eat more than 5 or 6 strawberries, he needs to bolus for them! Goofy kid. I suppose it’s just one more live & learn lessons for us.


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