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Did you lose something?

Our first time out on the boat this season, I was prepared for anything. I brought so. much. stuff. Candy for lows, snacks, sandwiches, water, soda, two pump site changes, a few GrifGrips and Tegaderm to secure Luke’s pump site and Dexcom, extra insulin, a glucagon, several towels, changes of clothing, sunblock… and the list… Continue reading Did you lose something?

A new norm · Everyday life.


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week! Really makes me ready for summer things like ice cream, geocaching, and grilling. Tuesday we stopped at the store for some charcoal & steaks and veggies to grill. While we were getting the potatoes & peppers, we spotted the strawberries and grabbed us a carton. Luke has always loved… Continue reading Strawberries.