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Camp John Warvel, part 2.

This is the blog post that won’t have many photos. I didn’t want to embarrass Luke by making him pose with all the new people. Ha ha. I can only tell you about it.

After asking a couple of people, we found the Chippewa cabin- the cabin closest to the lake. We walked up and a teenaged guy asked, “Are you Luke!?” Apparently he was the last to arrive. This was one of his three counselors, DeShawn. He was really excited to meet him and invited him into the cabin to meet everyone else. The dietician and the med staff were quick to stop us, though. He first needed to be checked for lice and we needed to go over his pump numbers. Luke also ordered his dinner for that evening. The camp was kicking off their week with pizza… brave souls! (Pizza tends to cause crazy ups & downs for many Type 1s.) The med staff was impressed that Luke ordered a salad. He was the first one to do so in all three of the surrounding cabins.

Photo from the Camp Crosley website

We also got to meet Dr. Sanchez. He seemed a little surprised that Luke’s pump was set to such low and consistent insulin levels. We told him it seems he’s still in honeymoon a little bit. Thankfully, he just replied, “Whatever works! Whatever works!”

Once we got everything taken care of at the table, Luke received his blood sugar meter for the week and his name tag. Then, he met one of his other counselors, Freddy, who was just as enthusiastic about meeting Luke as DeShawn. Luke signed his name to the cabin welcome poster and walked into the cabin.

Most of the boys were ready to go take the swim test to see if they could swim independently. So Luke chose his bunk & we quickly made Luke’s bed and gave him his swim trunks & towel. It was a quick good-bye, but I think it was better that way.

camp2 quiet waiting
Photo from the Camp John Warvel Alumni Facebook page

Now for the next week, I will only have one-sided communication in the cards and letters I send to him. This is going to be a weird and lonely week…


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