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Why this blog has been quiet.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve typed up a “real” blog post! There are a couple of reasons why… For one, we live a pretty uneventful life. Our summer has been a combination of moving to a new house and balancing teacher trainings, teaching summer school, and teaching homebound while Luke continues to… Continue reading Why this blog has been quiet.

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It’s summertime!

I remember almost two years ago when Luke was first diagnosed. I was so nervous to let him do anything. I was the epitome of a helicopter mom. But I let him be a kid. The first few times he went to youth group, there I was in the parking lot, phone in hand for when he calls to tell me he needs me to come and rescue him from low blood sugar. (That never happened, by the way.)

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Did you lose something?

Our first time out on the boat this season, I was prepared for anything. I brought so. much. stuff. Candy for lows, snacks, sandwiches, water, soda, two pump site changes, a few GrifGrips and Tegaderm to secure Luke’s pump site and Dexcom, extra insulin, a glucagon, several towels, changes of clothing, sunblock… and the list… Continue reading Did you lose something?

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Review: GrifGrips

We recently ordered, received, and used our very first GrifGrip to help secure Luke’s Dexcom on his arm. We were pretty excited when they arrived at the beginning of summer. Luke has swimming practice everyday, in addition to running around in the heat while playing. We both thought it’d be a good idea to have a… Continue reading Review: GrifGrips

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Low carb chocolate chip cookies.

I’m always trying to find lower-carb options to make for meals and snacks. We believe the lower carb Luke eats, the steadier his sugars. (Although we certainly don’t ban all carbs from him!) My husband also tries to stick to a ketogenic diet. I truly think eating less carbs would be beneficial to me, as well. However, it’s… Continue reading Low carb chocolate chip cookies.

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He’s home! He’s home! (And the pros/cons of camp).

Luke, member of the Chippewa cabin and 2016 Mock Rock champion, is officially HOME! After meeting with the awesome med staff to get a quick run-down of how he did medically- he did AMAZINGLY well… he was never over 200 and only below 70 once! They were surprised at his independence with all things T1 and were impressed… Continue reading He’s home! He’s home! (And the pros/cons of camp).

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Camp John Warvel, part 3.

I am so grateful that the camp has staff in charge of taking pictures and posting them on social media! I love seeing Luke at camp, doing what kids at camp do. And, while he has a scowl on his face in most of the pictures, I think he really is having a good time.… Continue reading Camp John Warvel, part 3.

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Camp John Warvel, part 2.

This is the blog post that won’t have many photos. I didn’t want to embarrass Luke by making him pose with all the new people. Ha ha. I can only tell you about it. After asking a couple of people, we found the Chippewa cabin- the cabin closest to the lake. We walked up and… Continue reading Camp John Warvel, part 2.

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Camp John Warvel, part 1.

Summer is a time for camp. Luke has been to church camps off and on since he was in Kindergarten, but they lasted no more than three days long. However, this is his first year at Camp John Warvel. Camp John Warvel is a week-long (as in SEVEN DAYS!) camp put on by the American… Continue reading Camp John Warvel, part 1.

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135 and rising to 46 in no time flat.

It’s SUMMER! We’re pretty flexible, schedule-wise, any time of the year. However, when summer hits, we celebrate by having super flexible schedule for the first week or so. We eat when we’re hungry. We play outside when we feel like it. We don’t really have a set bedtime. We had dinner around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday. (Because… Continue reading 135 and rising to 46 in no time flat.