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Camp John Warvel, part 3.

I am so grateful that the camp has staff in charge of taking pictures and posting them on social media! I love seeing Luke at camp, doing what kids at camp do. And, while he has a scowl on his face in most of the pictures, I think he really is having a good time. That’s just kind of his “thinking” or “concentrating” face. (He gets that from me. My class this year told me that I look mad when I’m concentrating. Ha!)

And, without further ado, the pictures of Luke that I swiped off of the Camp John Warvel Alumni Facebook page. These were all taken the first night and first full day of camp, which also happened to be red day. (He wasn’t in any of the pictures from the 2nd full day.)

camp3 welcome campfire

The opening campfire. You can spot Luke off to the right, looking up in the sky.

camp3 canoeing

Early morning canoeing on Lake Tippecanoe.

camp3 gaga

Waiting his turn in the gaga ball pit, next to his counselor.

camp3 giant pillow

On the giant pillow. This was actually a picture in motion on the website. While it looks like Luke didn’t jump in time, he actually jumped early and was back down before everyone else. Ha!

camp3 giant pillow3

And a little closer peek at Luke on the giant pillow… and I think that might even be a smile!


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