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Mourning into dancing.

I’ve already mentioned the fact that now, more than ever, I am loving Facebook’s memories every morning. Last week and on Luke’s diaversary, the things that popped up on my wall were a little scary… a little sad. Today, though? I looked through today’s photos and had joy. I feel like I’m a little weird, looking back and having HAPPY memories. But when these could have been our deepest, darkest hours, our family & friends made sure it wasn’t.

mourning to dancing

My parents met us at the emergency room that whirlwind of a day that it all happened. They stuck by our sides the entire day and into the evening and came back throughout the following days. Dad even brought my niece, Olivia, back on Monday for a visit. (Unfortunately, we were in class, so we missed them.) They asked questions I didn’t think to ask. They clarified answers when I didn’t comprehend it the first time. They stood by and offered so much support.

15 05 T1D hospital missed visitors

Joel’s parents started their venture from eastern Ohio as soon as they got the news. They came straight to the hospital where they stayed with us into the evening. After sleeping all night in a hotel, they returned the next day to hang out in our luxurious hospital room once again. They offered up their hotel shower to me, too. Of course, I didn’t want to leave my kiddo. They conversed with the hospital staff when I was too tired to talk any more. They made sure Luke was as happy and comfortable as he could possibly be. They, too, stood by and offered so much support.

My sister, Lisa, and my niece, Olivia, came the day Luke was admitted. Lisa’s husband, Joe and the boys, AJ and Brodie, came the next day to hang out and play games with Luke. Luke was so excited to have his cousins there with him. That family came in with smiles and energy and brought a much-needed light to the room.

My bestest friends ever, Linna and Sarah, came up our first night there. They wanted to make sure I was doing okay. They sat with me while I finished up my dinner, making sure I had everything I needed and offered to bring anything I didn’t have.

One of Luke’s best buds, Landon, and his mom, Kristy, came to hang out with us at one point, as well. Luke and Landon did what they always do- played video games and Pokemon. They offered a bit of normalcy to this otherwise abnormal situation.

14 05 T1D hospital landon

The family of one of my former students, another Type 1 family, came by one evening after an already busy day for them. They brought a care package of things we would (and did) find useful as a new T1 family. They sat and answered questions, gave advice, and just listened. It was our first glimpse at life after diagnosis… and our first thought of, “There are others who are going through this very same thing. They get it!”

14 09 T1D hospital shepards

We also had many, many texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages to check in on Luke. To offer up prayers and kind words. To make sure we were doing okay. To see if we needed anything.

Even still, one whole year later, we have people checking in on us, making sure we’re still doing okay. Offering encouragement, asking questions.

This is our village. We take care of each other. When someone is falling, the others step in and hold them up. I’m ever so grateful for our village. Without our village, I’m 100% certain the transition from our old life to our new life would not have been as easy as it was.

Thank you, village.

God used each one of you to help us turn our mourning into dancing.


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