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One year later… and a GIVEAWAY!

It’s Luke’s diaversary! What’s a diaversary you ask? It’s the anniversary of his Type 1 diagnosis. It’s not something some people want to celebrate. And I’m definitely not celebrating diabetes itself, but the fact that we have made it through our first year of highs and lows… of carb counting… of learning… of advocating… of looking at life with a new perspective. We’re celebrating Luke!

 How will we celebrate?


Well, here at home we’re going to throw caution to the wind by eating carbalicious meals all day long- cinnamon rolls for breakfast, macaroni & cheese for lunch, and pizza, pasta, & garlic bread at Cici’s for dinner (his choice) and, of course, Chief ice cream!

Here on the blog, we’ll celebrate with YOU by giving away a few of our favorite things that helped us get through this past year!

What could you win? Well, let me show you!

An orange “God’s love is greater than the highs and lows” band from MudLOVE. (I have two of these to give away!)


A $5.00 Starbucks gift card. (Because before this year, I was not a coffee fan. Now it’s a necessity.)


Super awesome stickers & tattoos from the T1D Club.

(And, today- June 13th- ONLY, use the code “LUKEfavorite” for $1 off all orders!)


A $10.00 gift certificate towards your purchase of wraps for your insulin pump, Dexcom receiver, pods, & more from Pump Peelz.


A $15.00 gift certificate to purchase any ID from RoadID. (We have TWO of these!)


A $20.00 gift certificate from GrifGrips.


And a “Drop” hat from Beyond Type 1.

drop hat

This just in! Dee Dee Diabetic just graciously donated a signed copy of her book Poking Fun at Diabetes to win, as well!

To enter, simply comment to this blog post telling me which item above you would like to win, as well as your email address (so I can let you know when you win!). This giveaway will end on 6/20/16 at 9PM EST.

(For physical items that will be shipping, I will pay for first class shipping within the United States. International shipping fees are paid by the winner of the giveaway.)

Here’s to another year of keeping sugars in range to the best of our ability… guessing the carb counts on random foods we can’t find online… and living life to the fullest!

We love you, Luke!


58 thoughts on “One year later… and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Love how you’re celebrating in a fun way! Your family and blog has been such a great inspiration for us in these first few months of L.J.’s dx.
    I’m sure he would love to win the Drop hat. πŸ™‚


  2. My daughter would love a mudlove bracelet or the drop hat. And what a great way to celebrate a diaversary!!! Hope he has the best day!


  3. My son was dx 5 months ago and would love either the MudLove bracelet or tattoos. This is such a fun idea to celebrate what my son refers to as the worst day of his life.


    1. I’m sorry you had to join our club. I hope your son has been doing well since diagnosis! It’s definitely full of ups and downs, but we try to make it as normal as possible!


  4. I would love to win the two Road ID gift certificates for my twin sons (age 6). They’re both type 1 and could use medical ID bracelets. Thanks!


  5. What an awesome way to celebrate! We are 6 months in with a diagnosis of celiac disease 3 days ago. Hope you have a wonderful day! We’d love to enter for the drop hat or the road ID!



  6. So glad I came across your blog! My son was just diagnosed in February. He would love the grif grips and pump peelz. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!


  7. Just found your blog. My 13 yo son was just diagnosed a week ago. A bit overwhelmed right now and not even sure what products we would use yet-maybe the bracelets or road id or tattoos? Your blog tone seems so inviting and I think it will be a place to follow as we begin this journey. Thanks so much. -Sandy


  8. We are 4 months into our journey and I would love the Mudlove bracelet to wear as a reminder that diabetes is a daily battle, but God’s love always wins! My son would also be interested in the road id gift certificate. His current medical bracelet is too big. Tell your son Happy Diaversary from us! Thanks!


  9. I love this! Would love to won any of this, but really love the mudrun bracelet. Just had another of my children diagnosed.


  10. I would be happy to donate. Signed copy of our adult and kid friendly book “Poking Fun at Diabetes” fun, silly humoous book about fishers and you can color in “meterman” πŸ™‚ Love the blog and the idea of a fun carbalicious day! Maybe I could share your blog on our family diabetes website? Im 7 years fighting diabetes monster πŸ™‚ I would love to decorate my pump and dexcom with pump peels. My email deedeediabetic@yahoo.com


  11. Happy Diaversary!!! My girl just celebrated hers. We would love the tattoos and stickers, what a great idea!


  12. what a great inspiration ! And I hope Luke enjoys his day !!! I would love the road bracelet or the 1 drop hat for my grand daughter….she was diagnosed this past fall….been an interesting journey for sure!!


  13. I think my daughter would love the pump peel to personalize her dexcom. I would love to get the grif grips to try giving them a whirl.


  14. Well congratulations isn’t really the best thing to say for someone that has to live with diabetes but Congratulations to your son for kick diabetes butt for a year.
    Your prizes are amazing if we were to win I would pick the T1D Club tattoos & stickers. Was actually just telling my husband that was going to be our next diabetes purchase since summer is upon us.


  15. Love that you are celebrating. I have been T1D for 28 years and my son was diagnosed August 1 of 2015. We will be celebrating as well. I would love the drop hat and he would love the road Id gift certificate. My email is Meyerlisa@yahoo.com. Thank you!!!


  16. Great idea to celebrate conquering your first year! My daughter has been T1 for a little over two years now. She is 12 & just starting to run cross country. We would love to win the RoadID gift certificate — their products would be helpful as she starts running. Thanks! emailhoffmans@yahoo.com


  17. Congrats, Luke, on kicking some diabetes butt for 1 year!! Thanks for the giveaway. I know my daughter likes to look at the Pump Peelz website- so that is what I know she would like to win. brian amy 10 @ hotmail . com (no spaces)


  18. Happy diaversary luke! My daughter had her 4th diaversary back in April!
    If we win anything we would like the stickers and temp tattoos.

    Enjoy you day and remember God loves you and you can do this ❀. You type1kids are the best!


  19. Happy Diaversary!!!! My son is 12yrs old and he’s had T1 for 1.5yrs. God bless you and your family, Fella!!! Keep your head up, stay strong, and you can do anything you set your mind to!!! The medical alert bracelet would be awesome!!! Thanks!!


  20. It’s been inspiring and encouraging to read your blog. If I win, I would really appreciate the road Id band gift certificate. I don’t like wearing my med alert. But I think I would wear the road Id bracelet. Thanks for celebrating and brining awareness at the same time.


  21. Not only is Luke on our prayers but I feel a special bond to him since my 12 year old son is only 1 month and we days young, diagnosed 2 days after Luke and they both have name that start with L. They are just too cool with a couple things in common. I would love the blood drop hat so I could sport it for my son.


  22. how fun – and what a great way to celebrate! I would love to win a MudLove bracelet! I was diagnosed about 13 years ago, and it was mainly thru the love of my Bible Study group that I survived my first year – they truly showed me that God’s love is greater than my high and lows and everything in between!!


  23. My daughter would love any of these except the Starbucks card, I love how you are celebrating. We do the JDRF Walk every year since dx (it’s right around the time of dx) it’s like Yes, we made it another year!! We stay the weekend in hotel with family and friends and just have tons of fun and food.


  24. Phew two weeks in for Braden. He would love the id bracelets. This will make him more comfortable going places without mom or dad. Thank you


  25. Happy Diaversary Luke! It warms my heart to hear if all the yummy stuff you all are eating to celebrate! Cheers to celebrating living life with diabetes. He is lucky to have an amazing family to support him!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I would love to win the hat! Or the grid grip certificate.



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