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It happened again.

This was taken from the Facebook page Saving Luke- Luke and Jedi- Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Together. They asked for everyone to share it. To get the word out. To stop these senseless deaths from undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes.

It happened again.

Last week a local young college student got very sick. He started vomiting and everyone assumed he had the stomach flu. By the time he went to the hospital and they diagnosed him with Type 1 diabetes he was so sick (his blood sugar so high and in Diabetic ketoacidosis DKA since his body stopped producing insulin) and they couldn’t save him. A person with type 1 cannot survive without insulin.

He passed away, parents lost a son.

I believe the incorrect perceptions that people have of Type 1 is exasperating the problem.
If people knew that Type 1 could happen to anyone at any time, they would think that knowing the warning signs are important.
If people didn’t (very incorrectly) think that “diabetes” is only for the lazy and obese, more people would pay attention and learn the warning signs.
If more pediatricians mentioned the warning signs to parents at check ups or put symptoms and information flyers up in their offices like they do for asthma and measles maybe Type 1 would be on more peoples radars.

In memory of this young man, lets make a difference, share this post, encourage conversations about Type 1 with people that would otherwise never think about it, and then print up this flyer, bring it to your pediatrician, your schools, your camps, anywhere that services families and ask to post it.

I believe changing perceptions will save lives.
I believe awareness will save lives.


Facts and Signs of T1D


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