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It happened again.

This was taken from the Facebook page Saving Luke- Luke and Jedi- Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Together. They asked for everyone to share it. To get the word out. To stop these senseless deaths from undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. It happened again. Last week a local young college student got very sick. He started vomiting and… Continue reading It happened again.


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In my last blog post, I shared about my hunch that Luke had Type 1 Diabetes, based on his symptoms. I was so fortunate to have not only heard the signs and symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes, but to have tucked them away in one of the cabinets of my brain. What I didn’t know was… Continue reading DKA.

Awareness & advocacy

Why I’m obsessed with talking about Type 1.

Because it’s flu season, and the symptoms of Type 1 can mimic the symptoms of the flu, I wanted to share just one of the reasons I am obsessed with talking about Type 1 Diabetes. When Luke was diagnosed last June, he had been thirsty for several weeks, as well as peeing a lot. It… Continue reading Why I’m obsessed with talking about Type 1.