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Holiday shopping & helping a cause…

Have you started your Christmas shopping, yet? Do you do a lot of your shopping online? If you’re like me, my go-to for non-local shopping is Amazon. Did you know you can shop Amazon and have part of the proceeds donated to a non-profit of your choice?

If you log into Amazon through, you will be asked to choose your favorite non-profit. Then, every time you shop Amazon through Amazon Smile, 0.5% of your purchase will go to your charity.

Here are a couple of non-profits that have Amazon Smile accounts and benefit Type 1 Diabetes…


 Drive to Cure Diabetes

The Drive to Cure Diabetes is an annual golf outing that raises money to help Dr. Denise Faustman find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. You can click the above link for more information about Dr. Faustman and her efforts. Here is an excerpt from the website:

“At a seminar at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, in Valhalla, NY, the question was raised “What research is currently on-going that has promise of a genuine cure?” The diabetes educators conducting the seminar, Dan and Jen (who are both diabetic) replied, “There is one doctor who is working on a real cure, and this cure is the only one we would use for ourselves.”

That doctor is Dr. Denise Faustman of Massachusetts General Hospital. Her research has shown that the pancreas of a diabetic patient is constantly producing the “beta” cells that lead to production of insulin. With this knowledge, she has cured diabetes in mice, a result that was verified by many other organizations around the world, including NIH here in the U.S.

This treatment does not involve transplants, stem cells, or strong medication!”

This is exciting stuff! I encourage you to read more about Dr. Faustman and her research at her website: Faustman Lab.



Another organization you can donate to through Amazon Smile is JDRF. We, as a family, have done a lot of fundraising for our local JDRF Chapter.

While the ultimate goal of JDRF is a cure for Type 1, they are also researching ways to make living with T1 easier until a cure is found like an artificial pancreasbeta cell replacement, and prevention. You can read more about JDRF’s research as a whole on their website.


Enjoy your Christmas shopping and keep praying for a cure!


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