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Easter candy carb counts.

While most of Luke’s Easter basket is filled with non-candy items, we do put a little candy in his basket. He also gets plenty of candy from friends, school, and grandparents, too. So I’m thankful that Beyond Type 1 created this list of carb counts for Easter candy. I wanted to share it with you,… Continue reading Easter candy carb counts.

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Resurrection rolls.

Several years ago, we started the tradition of making Resurrection Rolls for Easter morning breakfast. These aren’t just any rolls, though. These rolls tell a story- the story of Easter. I wanted to share our tradition with you so maybe you could start the tradition with your family, as well. You will need: a Bible,… Continue reading Resurrection rolls.

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Non-candy Easter basket ideas.

Easter season is upon us, and for parents of Type 1 kids, it can be a little trickier to fill Easter baskets every year. Our family is in the “he can eat anything he wants to, for the most part” camp here. However, even before Type 1, we tried to limit the amount of candy… Continue reading Non-candy Easter basket ideas.


My baby is a TEENAGER!

Thirteen years ago today, my first and only baby was born at 2:55 p.m. He was 7 pounds, 14.5 ounces, almost 21 inches long, And oh so loved. My itty bitty baby is now a teenager. He’s 100 pounds heavier and 45 inches taller. But he’s still loved very much. We will celebrate four different… Continue reading My baby is a TEENAGER!

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Happy 2017!

It’s been a little quiet over here at the blog. It’s been so for a few reasons… life has gotten busy. Luke has decided he wants to now approve what I put on the blog (and I don’t blame him). And I really haven’t had much to say. T1 has officially become a norm here,… Continue reading Happy 2017!


Happy Thanksgiving!

The day of the Thanksgiving feast is upon us and Beyond Type 1 has provided a handy dandy carb count list for quick and easy carb counting. I’ll be sure to have this saved on my phone for both of our Thanksgivings. Thanks, Beyond Type 1! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Holiday shopping & helping a cause…

Have you started your Christmas shopping, yet? Do you do a lot of your shopping online? If you’re like me, my go-to for non-local shopping is Amazon. Did you know you can shop Amazon and have part of the proceeds donated to a non-profit of your choice? If you log into Amazon through, you… Continue reading Holiday shopping & helping a cause…