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Another great checkup!

Luke continues to take great care of himself! At his quarterly checkup earlier this week, the biggest advice from the endo was for him to… EAT MORE! (Obviously, she’s not paying the grocery bill.) Other than that, he is still doing amazingly well.


It’s been a year and a half since his diagnosis and they tell us he is still honeymooning. His A1c has remained the same as it was at his last appointment in August- 5.2%. People often ask us how he keeps it so low. We are honestly not doing anything purposefully. There are a few things that I think might be helping to keep his A1c low, but I’m not a medical professional, so take these tips with a grain of salt.

Luke eats a lot of protein- meats, cheeses, nuts, peanut butter. When he snacks, he typically chooses these types of food. When he does eat carbs, more often than not he follows up with some protein.

Luke exercises regularly. He is a swimmer. He has practice 5 days a week for an hour and a half. When he’s home, he often takes his scooter out and rides it for awhile. When it’s a bit warmer out, he randomly decides to walk the dog or go for a run. One day, in the spirit of Pokemon hunting, he ran for almost 10 km!

Luke is extremely laid back. (Sometimes a little more laid back than I think he should be.) Not a whole lot stresses him out. Actually, I’m not sure anything stresses him out.


Does he eat carbs? Of course! Pasta is his favorite! Are there days that he sits around and plays video games or watches YouTube the majority of the day? Um, is he almost 13? Then, yes. (Actually, today is one of those days.) And while I’m absolutely loving the ease of the honeymoon period, I am prepared for its end. If it wants to stick around forever, however, we’ll take it!


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