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Mission: Impossible.

Like I said in my previous post, Luke had another amazing endo appointment this month. The biggest change the doctor wants us to make is for Luke to eat more. I chalked his skinniness up to being a swimmer and having practices five days a week for one and a half hours each. And, that very well could be the reason. However, after googling an ideal weight for an almost 13-year-old who is 5’6″, I learned that he should gain at least ten more pounds to not be considered “underweight.” So, off to Pinterest I went to find healthy, high caloric foods that are high in protein and fat and, preferably, on the lowish side of carbs, that Luke would actually eat.

Mission: Impossible

Now I am shopping for Joel (low carb, lowish calories), Luke (high calorie, high protein, high fat, and not an outlandish amount of carbs), and myself (low calorie), all while trying to spend as little money as possible. Needless to say getting groceries this past weekend took me forever. Two hours forever.

This is actually a picture from years ago. Now, most Saturdays I have a cart filled to the top.

I’m aiming at making meals that can be transformed into the needs of each of us. For example, last week I made taco fixings. Luke had three tacos complete with shells, lots of meat, cheese, and sour cream, as well as veggies. I always make him eat veggies. Joel mixed up some meat, cheese and sour cream for his low carb meal. I had mostly lettuce and tomatoes with a little meat and cheese and Bolthouse’s yogurt ranch dressing. I’m hoping I can find more meal ideas I can make three ways. (Let me know if you have ideas!)

In the meantime, Luke is eating (drinking?) milkshakes made with full fat ice cream, half & half, and peanut butter for dessert or for nighttime snack. I’m planning on making more of these energy balls for him to pop in his mouth when he needs a quick snack. I’ll add coconut oil and/or flaxseed oil to foods he eats when I can. I’ll keep checking to see if he’s changed his mind on eating eggs and avocado. (He’s not a fan.) I have lots of meats and cheese available for snacking. Other than that… I need ideas. Let me know if you have any healthy, high calorie recipes I could try out!


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