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Product Review: Expressionmed and a GIVEAWAY!

Hi my blog friends! We have been so crazy busy lately, there seems to be no time for blogging anymore. However, I wanted to make time to share with you a new business!

Expressionmed is a brand new company founded by a college student named Meghan Sharkus. She has created a 7-day waterproof solution for Dexcoms and insulin infusion sets that are fun to wear! They are available in several different shapes including hearts, owls, footballs, and soccer balls.

Meghan generously sent us a few samples of the soccer balls to try out for Luke’s pump sites. Luke doesn’t get excited for a whole lot these days (hello… he’s 13 now…). When he saw them, he actually said, “These are pretty cool! And they’re just the right size!” Right off the bat, they got Luke interested and that’s a plus in our book!

Soccer ball “Site Saver” by ExpressionMed, beginning of Day 1

Luke’s infusion set was held steady for all three days of insertion. He had no issues with wearing it for the full three days. If he could have worn the site for longer, the soccer ball adhesive would have kept it secure for several more days, I’m sure of it. When it came time to change his pump site, Luke said it was a little hard to get off because the adhesive was so strong, which is why I have no doubt that it would last a full seven days when using it with a glucose monitor.

Soccer ball “Site Saver” by ExpressionMed, end of Day 3

Knowing about this product kind of makes me wish Luke still used the Dexcom. I think this adhesive would hold a Dex sensor in place easily, even with swim practice everyday!

Expressionmed is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to purchase supplies to create more cgm adhesives. If you’d like to support Meghan and her company, hop on over to her Kickstarter and help her out! You can also hear her story when you watch the video on the same page.

If you are interested in purchasing your own “Site Savers,” you can visit Expressionmed’s website. She currently has infusion set adhesive available, but the cgm adhesive won’t be ready for a few more weeks.



Want to try them out for free? Well you’re in luck! Meghan is donating a month’s worth of tape for one lucky reader of mine to try out! If you win, you will receive your choice of either 10 infusion set adhesives or 5 cgm adhesives! Fun, right?!

To enter, simply comment to this blog post with which adhesive you would choose- infusion site or cgm- as well as your email address so I can contact you when you win. It’s that simple!

I will have Luke draw a name on Monday at 7pm EST. It’s a quick giveaway, so be sure to comment soon!


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