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This is why I blog.

The Facebook memories that are popping up from two years ago make me wish I better knew the symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) back in 2015. I vaguely knew the symptoms for Type 1 Diabetes- mainly extreme thirst and frequent bathroom breaks for Luke. I think knowing the symptoms of T1D is what saved his life, as the T1D diagnosis was always in the back of my mind once he started showing symptoms.

And because we kind of suspected that he had diabetes for a couple of weeks before he got really sick, I really wish I knew how dangerous it was to let those DKA symptoms go untreated. I knew absolutely nothing about DKA. I didn’t know it could make him extremely sick. I didn’t know it could hospitalize him. I didn’t know it could have put him in a coma. I didn’t know it could have been fatal.

This is why I blog.

I blog to bring awareness to this incurable auto-immune disorder. I blog to show that life after diagnosis can be lived to the fullest. I blog to be an encouragement to those who are just getting that T1 diagnosis. I blog to be an encouragement to those who are diabetes-ed out. I blog to show that Type 1 Diabetes will not win.

If you or anyone you know has the following symptoms, please get your blood sugar checked. You can go to the doctor, an urgent care, or ask on social media if anyone has a blood glucose meter you can borrow. If you’re local, you can borrow one of ours!


Use the chart below (from quora) to see if your blood sugar is in range. If it isn’t, please see a doctor to get it further assessed.

normal BG

If you haven’t read our story from the start, it starts here at the very beginning. Even though I started the blog a few months after diagnosis, I retro-blogged from the first sign of T1 symptoms.

Soon, we will be celebrating Luke’s 2nd diaversary. Yes, I said celebrating! Celebrating his life and all that he’s accomplished since diagnosis. I can’t wait!


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