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Why this blog has been quiet.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve typed up a “real” blog post! There are a couple of reasons why…

For one, we live a pretty uneventful life. Our summer has been a combination of moving to a new house and balancing teacher trainings, teaching summer school, and teaching homebound while Luke continues to be the homebody he loves to be. He has been doing pretty amazing – no scary lows or crazy highs. Nothing out of the ordinary, T1 or not. So, there really hasn’t been a much to write about. Our life doesn’t look a whole lot different from any other teacher family on summer break.

071917 ice cream

Secondly, Luke has always hated putting a spotlight on T1. He wants to live as normal a life as possible. And kudos to him. I love that! Now that he’s officially reached teenage-dom, I really try to respect his choice. Any blog post that I think I might want to write, I run through it in my head as if I was Luke. Most of the time, I wouldn’t want that part of my life broadcasted for all to read. If one does get the approval of the Luke in my head, I ask real Luke before I publish it. He is pretty good about respecting my vision of sharing the highs and lows of T1, but I really want to be careful that I don’t overshare.

071917 luke room

So, yeah. That’s why it’s been so quiet. Here are a few highlights of our summer, complete with Luke approval…

*After 15 years in our “starter” home, we finally found the perfect house. We’ve spent the last month unpacking and settling in and we absolutely love it.

071917 moving

*Our new house has a big backyard and the dogs think they’re in heaven. Last week Joel finished the fence so the dogs can be unsupervised in the back. Yesterday, Luke calls us in a panic because Finn not only dug under the deck, he somehow dug under the foundation of the house, too. He was stuck. There was no other way to get him, but to pull up one of the deck planks. It’s a good thing he’s cute!

071917 new house

*Luke had his quarterly endo appointment last week. He has grown another inch and is now up to 5’8″. And his A1c is still holding steady at 5.2%!

071917 endo

*Luke is officially locked into playing the cello in orchestra through at least high school. We turned in his rental and purchased a brand new full-sized cello. (Thank goodness for a payment plan!)

071917 cello

*Our town built a new Super Walmart behind an existing Walmart. Because the parking is forever away until they tear down the old Walmart, they provide a shuttle service. This was a major highlight of our summer. Luke has even asked if we could go back and take another ride.

071917 walmart

*We have had a few days of fun sprinkled in the necessities this summer – water balloon fights, fun at the lake, and eating lots of ice cream, just to name a few.

Two weeks from today Joel and I will head back into our schools to start a new school year. Luke and the rest of the kids in our town will follow two days later. I’m still in shock how quickly a summer flies by when you’re busy with life. We have to constantly remind ourselves that even though summer will go on without us, we still have evenings and weekends to enjoy each other. And while I’m ready for my routine back, I’m also looking forward to spending the rest of the summer with my guys.


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