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You forgot your arm. (And here’s a cool app, too.)

If you have seen Luke anywhere in public, you probably noticed that he carries a sling bag with him at all times. In this bag is everything he needs to take care of his blood sugar. His meter that checks to see what his blood glucose level is, candy to eat when his sugar is low, a glucagon for emergency lows (when he’s so low he doesn’t respond and can’t or won’t eat candy), and his phone. There are other things in there every once in awhile, but those are the major ones. We joke that this bag is a part of his body. He doesn’t go anywhere without it.


Luke just took off on a walk with Finn to take advantage of the last hour of PokemonGo bonuses. He’s been gone for a good fifteen minutes so far. I look down and this is what I see…

sling bag

Fortunately, he did take his phone with him- for Pokemon hunting- but he does indeed have it! And fortunately he has a cool mom- I was going to walk down and give him his bag. Just as I was getting ready to make the delivery, he walked into the house. I asked him if he forgot something. He said, “No. I have my meter in my pocket.” He thought he grabbed sugar, but he forgot to. So, he at least brought part of his arm with him.


We have a cool app in place, too, just in case something would happen and he couldn’t help himself. It’s an app called Life360. Luke has it on his phone and Joel and I both have it on our phones. It can track the location of where Luke is, how much battery is left on his phone and, if we need it to, get us directions right to him. (Also, once he starts driving, it tells us when he leaves, when he arrives, and how fast he was going! Score!) We switched to this app (from the Find Friends app) when Joel went to an Android phone. The Life360 app is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

While I will always hope and pray we never have to use these things we have in place for an emergency, it’s always good to be prepared. (And, it’ll be nice seeing where he is once he’s driving, too… I mean, really.)



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