Everyday life. · Randomness.

It really does.

I’m going to be completely random in today’s post. Just giving you fair warning.

It’s funny the things you notice when you live with someone with T1D. A test strip on the floor of your classroom. Tubing peeking out under the shirt of someone at the store. The smell of insulin.

The first place I noticed the smell of insulin, aside from our own house & child, was at GenCon as we walked by a table. The second place? In my own classroom, after students had gone home. I mention the fact that students had already left because I have a T1D student in my classroom, so it very well could have been her insulin. But it wasn’t.

05 01 insulin glue

It was my glue stick. How weird is that!? I still think it smells like insulin every time I use it. Luke thinks so, too. I made him smell it.

I told you I was going to be random.


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