My baby is a TEENAGER!

Thirteen years ago today, my first and only baby was born at 2:55 p.m. He was 7 pounds, 14.5 ounces, almost 21 inches long, And oh so loved. My itty bitty baby is now a teenager. He’s 100 pounds heavier and 45 inches taller. But he’s still loved very much. We will celebrate four different… Continue reading My baby is a TEENAGER!


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Happy 12th birthday, Luke!

Twelve years ago today was not only Super Bowl Sunday, it was the day Luke FINALLY decided to join us on the outside world. He’s always been an awesome kid- smart, kind, thoughtful. I couldn’t ask for a better kid, ever. But this past year, he has proven that nothing gets him down. He has… Continue reading Happy 12th birthday, Luke!

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Text me a picture.

The last birthday party Luke went to was in July. He was newly diagnosed. I sent a bunch of zero snacks with him and those were pretty much all he ate, if I remember right. He was leery to eat too many carbalicious foods without mom or dad close. And I was a-okay with that!… Continue reading Text me a picture.