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Text me a picture.

The last birthday party Luke went to was in July. He was newly diagnosed. I sent a bunch of zero snacks with him and those were pretty much all he ate, if I remember right. He was leery to eat too many carbalicious foods without mom or dad close. And I was a-okay with that!

Fast forward seven months later… tonight was the birthday celebration of one of his best buddies. On the drive over I told him to text me a picture of what he’s eating and I can help him with the carb counting. Especially the cake & ice cream part.

Mom, can I see what I think and THEN text a picture?


Well, duh. Of course he can. He’ll be doing it for the rest of his life. He may as well figure it all out now! I watched my Dex app all night. Sure, he spiked a little after eating pizza- probably an entire pizza if I know my kid. He did text a picture of the cake with an educated guess for carbs. And he was pretty stinkin’ close to what I would have bolused for it.

NYE 030 pizza boxes

When he was picked up from the party, he finger poked to calibrate his Dex before bed. 154. Not a bad number for pizza, cake, ice cream, video games and fun with a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds. Not bad at all.

Great job, buddy.


2 thoughts on “Text me a picture.

  1. I get nervous with pizza because it takes a longer time to digest. I’m too scared to give insulin before eating it because I know that some people have actually gone low before the pizza even fully was digested. Then hours later they went through the roof.


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