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Easter candy carb counts.

While most of Luke’s Easter basket is filled with non-candy items, we do put a little candy in his basket. He also gets plenty of candy from friends, school, and grandparents, too. So I’m thankful that Beyond Type 1 created this list of carb counts for Easter candy. I wanted to share it with you,… Continue reading Easter candy carb counts.

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Resurrection rolls.

Several years ago, we started the tradition of making Resurrection Rolls for Easter morning breakfast. These aren’t just any rolls, though. These rolls tell a story- the story of Easter. I wanted to share our tradition with you so maybe you could start the tradition with your family, as well. You will need: a Bible,… Continue reading Resurrection rolls.

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Non-candy Easter basket ideas.

Easter season is upon us, and for parents of Type 1 kids, it can be a little trickier to fill Easter baskets every year. Our family is in the “he can eat anything he wants to, for the most part” camp here. However, even before Type 1, we tried to limit the amount of candy… Continue reading Non-candy Easter basket ideas.

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Easter candy raid!

Pre-2016, the words “Easter candy raid” meant something way different than it does now. We would put Luke to bed and then we would raid his Easter basket for the candy we wanted. (I’d usually dig out the red and black jelly beans.) Now, however, it means I hit up the local Walgreens and raid… Continue reading Easter candy raid!


Happy Easter!

This was our first Easter since diagnosis. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but Luke has never really been much of a candy guy. He will eat it every once in awhile, but never really a ton of it, especially candy of the chocolate kind. This made Easter basket shopping a little easier. Now, before… Continue reading Happy Easter!