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Easter candy raid!

Pre-2016, the words “Easter candy raid” meant something way different than it does now. We would put Luke to bed and then we would raid his Easter basket for the candy we wanted. (I’d usually dig out the red and black jelly beans.)

jelly beans2

Now, however, it means I hit up the local Walgreens and raid the after-Easter candy sales. It’s a great time to stock up on pure sugary goodness for Luke’s lows. Tonight I grabbed two bags of jelly beans- one Starburst Tropical flavor and one Swedish Fish flavor (yes, Swedish Fish JELLY BEANS!). I also got the last bag of SweeTarts Easter-shaped candies. When I got home, I calculated how many of each Luke would need to get 15g of sugar and wrote it on the bag. Now, when Luke goes low he has something other than glucose tabs and Smarties to bring his sugar back up… and I got them all for five bucks!

As if that wasn’t enough, I thought I’d take a peek at what was left of the Easter candy at Target a week after Easter. Oh. My. Bargain. Heart. First off, everything was now 70% off. I figured there’d just be gross stuff left like bunnies that poop mini gumballs and cotton candy in the shape of a carrot. But they didn’t! They had all kinds sugar!

02 02 easter candy for lows

All of that candy up there came in little plastic eggs. One bag had 50 eggs full of Lemonheads and Brach’s jelly beans. I got it for $2.99. The other two bags had 12 eggs each filled with Starburst, Skittles, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, and SweeTarts. I got those for $1.79/bag. I told Luke to empty all of the eggs into the basket. Then I figured up how many he would need for 15 grams(ish) to bring up a low. He’s so happy to have a variety to choose from! I think the Lemonheads will be some of the first to go. I also grabbed individual-sized bags of Jelly Bellies for my purse. (I did this at after-Christmas sales and, ironically, Luke needed to eat them while we were Target shopping for the Easter candy!)

The only drawback from getting candy that came inside plastic eggs?

02 01 Easter egg heaven

There are plastic eggs all over my house!


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