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The cost of Type 1 Diabetes.

I recently read on Facebook of a Go Fund Me campaign by a guy who needed to raise money for a month’s worth of insulin. (It has since been deleted from Go Fund Me.) Then, a little farther down in the comments, it was noted that it was too late and he had died because… Continue reading The cost of Type 1 Diabetes.

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Let’s talk insulin costs.

Sometimes I forget that all of the information I read in the Type 1 Facebook groups I’m in isn’t known by the general public. So, let’s talk insulin. Before we get into the cost specifics, let’s get a little background knowledge about insulin. First of all, what exactly is insulin? In a non-diabetic, insulin is… Continue reading Let’s talk insulin costs.

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The anatomy of a refrigerator.

In a normal refrigerator, you have the produce drawers full of fruits & veggies that rarely get eaten, the deli drawer full of meats & cheeses, the tall shelves that hold milk & 2-liters, the squatty short shelves for all the pickle jars you buy bc you can’t remember if you have any pickles, and… Continue reading The anatomy of a refrigerator.

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No power.

Last week we had some crazy strong winds, strong enough to issue a wind advisory. The advisory said gusts could get up to 45 mph. Rumor has it, they were up to 69 mph in Chicago, which is only a couple of hours west of us. I didn’t leave school until about 5 p.m. By… Continue reading No power.

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It really does.

New {random} blog post. Smells Like Insulin|It really does.