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135 and rising to 46 in no time flat.

It’s SUMMER! We’re pretty flexible, schedule-wise, any time of the year. However, when summer hits, we celebrate by having super flexible schedule for the first week or so. We eat when we’re hungry. We play outside when we feel like it. We don’t really have a set bedtime. We had dinner around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday. (Because… Continue reading 135 and rising to 46 in no time flat.


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Happy 2016.

Happy New Year! I have to admit, I’m ready to say good by to 2015. It has been quiet a year, not only for our little family but my parents & my sister’s family as well. Between the three families, we have had an ICU stay, a Critical Care stay, three visits to the ER,… Continue reading Happy 2016.