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135 and rising to 46 in no time flat.

It’s SUMMER! We’re pretty flexible, schedule-wise, any time of the year. However, when summer hits, we celebrate by having super flexible schedule for the first week or so. We eat when we’re hungry. We play outside when we feel like it. We don’t really have a set bedtime.


We had dinner around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday. (Because we had a late lunch… because we had a late breakfast. Chain reaction, ya’ll.) Around 9:00 p.m., Luke went out to scooter. After about a half hour, I didn’t hear him scootering anymore.  I checked the Dex app and his sugar was 135 and going up, thanks to the tater tots we had for dinner. I went out to check on him. He decided to catch lightning bugs and one of them was “being a real stinker,” so he had to chase it across the road.


Not ten minutes later, he comes running in to grab his meter. He literally lays on the floor, weak and barely able to move. His first test was 81.

“I forgot to wash my hands!”

He drags himself up to wash his hands, comes back, lays on the floor and retests.



When he tries to get up to get some juice, I tell him to lay back down. Any movement can make his sugar go down that much more. I grab a CapriSun and he chugs it down.

hate feeling like this, mom. I hate it.

Awhile back, after Luke recovered from a low, he says,

I can’t even tell you what I want because the low feeling dominates everything.


Thank goodness he can feel when his sugar is low. I’m amazed he can feel it dropping- sometimes even before the meter reads it.

After 15 minutes, I have him retest.


We’re in the safe zone again. I have him calibrate his dex… it was obviously a little off, which is why he had such a huge drop. This little episode exhausted him & he headed to bed shortly after.

We did, too. But I wake up several times throughout the night just to check my phone and make sure he’s still in range. That was such a random drop earlier. Who’s to say that wouldn’t happen in the middle of the night?


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