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Tonight we drew the winner of the ExpressionMed Giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a month’s worth of site savers in either the cgm size or the infusion set size. My handsome assistant drew the name for us. Drumroll please…  Congratulations, Kari S.! I will email you to get your address so Meghan can mail your CGM ExpressionMed… Continue reading ExpressionMed Giveaway… WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!


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What I’ve learned from giving up the cgm.

It’s been almost a month since we gave Dex the boot. In true teacher-reflection form, here are a few takeaways I have from being cgm-free. *Having a cgm was ruling my life. Knowing what Luke’s sugar is doing 24/7/365 is a blessing and a curse all wrapped into one. Sure, it’s nice to see he’s steady and… Continue reading What I’ve learned from giving up the cgm.

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We gave Dex the boot.

About two weeks ago, we bid him adieu. Ol’ Dex, Luke’s continuous glucose monitor, has been awarded a vacation for an undetermined amount of time from Luke’s arm. Why? Luke was tired of dealing with the alarms for false lows, especially in the middle of the night. (Me, too!) He was tired of worrying about it falling… Continue reading We gave Dex the boot.

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Review: GrifGrips

We recently ordered, received, and used our very first GrifGrip to help secure Luke’s Dexcom on his arm. We were pretty excited when they arrived at the beginning of summer. Luke has swimming practice everyday, in addition to running around in the heat while playing. We both thought it’d be a good idea to have a… Continue reading Review: GrifGrips

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Jumpstart outta bed.

Nothing gets me out of bed faster than a Dexcom alarm going off because it hasn’t had data in four hours. Luke usually hovers around 100 all night; however, when this happens, I always think, “What if…” Fortunately, he was walking out of his room as I was approaching his door to check on him… Continue reading Jumpstart outta bed.

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Crazy Dexcom.

A few weeks ago, Luke was scootering, like he usually does while he’s waiting for dinner to be made. As I was cooking, I hear the “urgent low” alarm go off on his Dex. When I checked my phone, I saw this: The word LOW means that his sugar level is at an urgent low… Continue reading Crazy Dexcom.

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Braver than I am.

Luke’s Dexcom sensor fell out of his arm during swimming on Thursday. Falling out during swimming is not uncommon. That pool water isn’t the greatest for Dexcom adhesive. The fact that it happened on a Thursday afternoon was the problem. Joel works on Thursday nights. And Joel is the one who does the Dexcom changes.… Continue reading Braver than I am.

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A little more independence.

As of February 1st, Luke is 12. A sixth grader. Shoot, in just over eight weeks, he’ll be a *gulp* seventh grader. With the honor of being a junior higher, comes the honor of gaining independence & responsibility. We’ve really been working hard on this responsibility thing. We cut him a little slack after he was diagnosed… Continue reading A little more independence.

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New year, new supplies.

A new year means a new set of supplies. I have to admit, even getting boxes full of diabetic supplies is fun. It’s kind of like Christmas. Is that weird? Meh, we’ve always embraced the weird around here. Throughout the month of January we received big boxes of pump supplies- insets, cartridges, & syringes- as… Continue reading New year, new supplies.

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Dex change night.

Luke’s Dexcom sensor fell off during swim practice tonight. (Thank goodness, he felt it and it didn’t sink to the bottom of the pool!) When a new sensor goes in, it takes two hours to “prep” itself. So as soon as we walked in the door, Luke put a new sensor in… and he actually… Continue reading Dex change night.