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The bag.

If you ever see Luke outside of our house, you will probably notice the sling bag he has strapped to his self. When he was first diagnosed, he absolutely had to carry this bag. It held his insulin pens & pen needles, his meter & test strips, alcohol wipes, glucagon, and candy/juice to treat a low- everything that keeps him alive.

31 06 dairy bar

Now that he is on a pump and has Dex, he really doesn’t have to carry his bag. However, he chooses to carry it. He says it’s a part of him now. I’m okay with it- it keeps all of his things together in one place, rather than in his pockets & eventually in the laundry.

03 02 bag
“The bag” with Luke’s new pancreas keychain.

School starts back up again tomorrow. Tonight we will be restocking his bag so it’s ready for school again. Extra test strips, Smarties and glucose tablets for lows, meter for checking his blood sugar, glucagon & alcohol wipes. He’ll need to add his Dex receiver & phone to the bag tomorrow.

03 01 bag supplies

And, while I’m typing this up, I remember that I should make sure the kits in his classrooms are stocked, too. The “just in case” items- extra smarties, juice, Slim Jims. I should also make sure the nurse has emergency insulin pens and pen needles, as well.

So many things to remember. So much to track. But together, we do this Type 1 thing.

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