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Back-to-school checklist.

Some of you have kids who have already started back to school. Some of your kids will be headed there in the next couple of weeks. And some of your kids still have a month or more of summer (you have my permission to disregard this blog post). We start next week. I go back… Continue reading Back-to-school checklist.

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It’s 504 time…

The end of July is always a busy time for us. It marks the end of summer. One day after the calendar flips to August, I’m off to school and Luke follows two days later. So that means we have to make all of the appropriate preparations… Stopping at Target a few times to pick up school supplies-… Continue reading It’s 504 time…


Testing, testing…

This week is the first week of the first round of ISTEP testing. If you aren’t familiar with ISTEP, it’s Indiana’s state-wide standardized testing. At the beginning of the school year we met with the district nurse and the 6th grade counselor to put together Luke’s first 504 plan. I have only been on the… Continue reading Testing, testing…

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Things we learned today.

Luke and I learned many things today. Well, maybe I should say many of the things we already knew were confirmed today. Luke learned if he is low and he doesn’t respond to my texts, I will keep texting- and maybe even call him, even if he’s at school. I learned that Luke does not respond… Continue reading Things we learned today.

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The bag.

If you ever see Luke outside of our house, you will probably notice the sling bag he has strapped to his self. When he was first diagnosed, he absolutely had to carry this bag. It held his insulin pens & pen needles, his meter & test strips, alcohol wipes, glucagon, and candy/juice to treat a… Continue reading The bag.