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Paging Dr. Luke.

Throughout most of elementary school, Luke wanted to be a teacher. He also wanted to co-own a board game store with his dad.

fist day of k 1

In 5th grade, after he realized he couldn’t be a teacher AND go to Notre Dame, he decided he wanted to be an architect. He was really excited when he heard the architect students do a semester in Greece.

20 12 5th nd
(Ironically, Luke was most likely diabetic in this photo. We just didn’t know it, yet.)

Since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, he has decided (after making sure he would still be able to attend Notre Dame) that he would like to be a pediatric endocrinologist. He wants to help little kids when they’re diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He could totally do it, too. I swear he’s already smarter than I am. He’s already started studying chemistry & molecules.

04 06 molecule study

I hope he sticks with his dream. He’d make an amazing endo.


2 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Luke.

  1. This blog is so very comforting to me especially on these night when sleep is nonexistent. Funny thing. .. my daughter has always been interested in science, the human body, etc. She knew she wanted to go into the medical field but soon after diagnosis (6/11) she confirmed that. She says she wants to become and endocrinologist to help kids with T1 as well. 🙂


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