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Things we learned today.

12 07 thinking

Luke and I learned many things today. Well, maybe I should say many of the things we already knew were confirmed today.

12 02 text to luke

Luke learned if he is low and he doesn’t respond to my texts, I will keep texting- and maybe even call him, even if he’s at school.

I learned that Luke does not respond to texts and/or calls if he is in the middle of standardized testing or at lunch. I learned that Luke often forgets to turn the sound off on his phone at school. Today was one of those days. I also learned that his English/Social Studies teacher is awesome and didn’t think twice about all of the noises coming from Luke’s phone during a standardized test.

Also, I use the word “dude” when I’m coming off an adrenaline rush.

12 01 low of 45

Luke and I both learned that, YES, he should ALWAYS do a finger prick before treating a low. As you can see in the Dex chart above, during the time when I wrote all those freak out texts, Luke’s Dex was registering at 45. FORTY-FIVE. That’s the lowest he has ever been… but was he really that low? As you could see in our texts above, no. He was really 93. We always, always, always do a finger prick before we treat a low. Every once in awhile, if Luke feels like he’s super low, he will treat and then test.

It was also confirmed that T1D does not care about what you are doing. It doesn’t care about schedules. Two hours prior to Luke’s faux-45, he was 62. That one was for real. He was in the middle of NWEA, our mid-year testing. When he got the faux-45, I was in the middle of administering the NWEA with my class. We always have to be ready for highs and for lows.

And one last thing. We sure love our Dex. Especially me.

12 03 thumbs up us


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