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Warning: shameless mom-brag inside.

Luke had his quarterly endocrinologist appointment yesterday. At his last appointment, his A1c was 5.0%. A typical goal for a T1D’s A1c is 7.0%. We were certain his A1c would be up a little bit- maybe to a 6.0% or so- because we feel like we’ve had less control than before. We thought maybe we had started to leave the honeymoon period.

Apparently we had way more control than we thought we did. Both the endocrinologist and the diabetic educator were singing Luke’s praise.

02 02 a1c 51

“I would love to frame this Dex chart and hang it up for other patients to see!”

“He is doing amazingly well!”

“All of his labs look good. His HDL cholesterol is good. His triglycerides are… whoa… 31. That’s REALLY good. His thyroid is great. No markers for celiac.”

“Luke’s height and weight are climbing just like they should be!”

“Keep using your tools! Your A1c is still really good. 5.1%!”

Five point one percent.

It’s pretty crazy to think that 7 months ago, Luke had an A1c well over 14.0% and weighed only 85 pounds.

On the way to the appointment today he said, “Hey mom, you know how a lot of celebrities have cancer or Type 1 or something major wrong with them?” I wasn’t sure that a lot do, but I wanted to see where he was going with this. Yeah? “I think they’re celebrities because having cancer or diabetes makes them more determined to fight through things and be successful.” Oh yeah? Is that how you feel, having T1? “Yeah, I think so. It makes me stronger for sure.”


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