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Crazy Dexcom.

A few weeks ago, Luke was scootering, like he usually does while he’s waiting for dinner to be made. As I was cooking, I hear the “urgent low” alarm go off on his Dex. When I checked my phone, I saw this:

28 02 false low

The word LOW means that his sugar level is at an urgent low & needs to be treated immediately. Up until now, we had never seen LOW on his Dex app. And I’d never seen it drop so low, so quickly. It was pretty scary seeing it, especially since Luke was outside playing. I looked outside and he’s playing as hard as he usually does, unfazed. I asked how he felt and he said, just like nearly all preteens do, “Fine.” I had him come and and do a finger poke to test and see how accurate the Dex was. He was well within range, although I don’t really remember what his exact number was. He calibrated his Dex and went on his merry way.

This just goes to show us that, even though all of this modern-day technology is nice to have, we cannot depend on it 100%. At least not yet. I’m grateful that Luke not only feels his lows, most of the time he can feel them coming & how fast they’re dropping. He absolutely hates the feeling of a low, so he will correct it immediately.


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