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4.6%, say whaaaaat?

Luke had his quarterly endocrinologist appointment a week ago. I felt like we were starting to come out of honeymoon because we were seeing a lot more sugar levels on the higher end of his range. I didn’t feel like we were seeing many on the lower end, let alone below his range. Because of this, I was expecting his 5.1% A1c from February to have gone up a bit. No big deal. Our target number is 7.0%.

09 03 endo

When we get to the endo, they always weigh and measure him. He has grown an entire inch since February and gained almost two pounds. Blood pressure, good. Heart rate, good. They take a blood sample to check his blood sugar (107, I think) and then a bigger blood sample to get his latest A1c. Once they get the blood they need, they give it to the A1c fairy awhile we wait in the room.

When the endo comes back in, she tells us that Luke’s new A1c is 4.6%.

A1c chart
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Say whaaaaaat!? Normally, the endo would be concerned- perhaps Luke is developing a celiac issue or has too many lows. However, since he has grown & gained so much since February, since he hasn’t complained of stomachaches, and since his dex, pump and meter don’t show many levels below range, she was pleased.

09 02 endo

Take that, diabetes!


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