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He’s home! He’s home! (And the pros/cons of camp).

Luke, member of the Chippewa cabin and 2016 Mock Rock champion, is officially HOME!


After meeting with the awesome med staff to get a quick run-down of how he did medically- he did AMAZINGLY well… he was never over 200 and only below 70 once! They were surprised at his independence with all things T1 and were impressed with how consistent his numbers are. And after waiting in line to let the “walkie talkie guy” know it was time to call Luke down to the pick up area, we finally got to see our boy!


We were all pretty excited to be reunited.


The dogs were pretty excited that their boy was home… even McCarthy.


When I asked Luke if he was going to go back next year, he said, “Ehhhhhhh… probably not.” However, after talking to him about what went WELL and talking through what he didn’t like, I think it’s possible he’ll head back. We’ll see in seven or so months when it’s time to decide.

So what would he change if he was in charge?

*He would bolus for his meals before he eats. This is how we do it at home, recommended by our endo team. I don’t understand why they don’t let them, to be honest. But it really bothered Luke.

*He would keep his insulin to carb ratios the same. Right now, Luke takes one unit of insulin for every 15 carbs he eats (1:15). This is set by his endocrinologist & her team. The med staff told him he should change his ratio to 1:30. (He didn’t change it, by the way. And his numbers were perfect. Good job, Luke!)

*He would shorten the length of camp. He thinks two 3-day sessions would be better. (He got a wee bit homesick the first few days.)

*He would make the cabins equal. Apparently some cabins had carpet and attached bathrooms. Luke is all about keeping things fair.

*He would allow phones and Dexcoms. Technically Dexcoms are allowed, but they would basically ignore the numbers and make him finger prick anyway. So, it was really quite pointless to leave it on his arm. And I think he thinks having a phone would have made him a little bit less homesick at the beginning.

What are the things he really liked?

*He really liked the people. The counselors were amazing. (He’s pretty sure he had the coolest counselors of them all. DeShawn was from Pennsylvania, Freddie was from England, and Michael was from New Zealand.) The med staff was pretty great (except when they asked him to change his ratios). And most of the campers were cool.

*He loved the giant swing, which I heard was a pretty gutsy thing to do. Think giant bungee drop at Cedar Point.

*He loved the giant jumping pillow. He especially loved it during the last night. Their sleeping bags were “stolen” and they had to go out in the middle of the night and hunt them down. They ended up on the giant jumping pillow again… with glow sticks!

*He was a big fan of the zip line, which went through the woods.

*He also went tubing for the first time in his life. He absolutely loved it. (He’s ready for the boat, Grandpa Kratzer!)

I told him, looking over the likes and the things he didn’t like so much, the likes seemed to be WAY bigger a deal than the dislikes. We will see what happens next year!


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