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You forgot your arm. (And here’s a cool app, too.)

If you have seen Luke anywhere in public, you probably noticed that he carries a sling bag with him at all times. In this bag is everything he needs to take care of his blood sugar. His meter that checks to see what his blood glucose level is, candy to eat when his sugar is… Continue reading You forgot your arm. (And here’s a cool app, too.)

Everyday life.

The anatomy of a refrigerator.

In a normal refrigerator, you have the produce drawers full of fruits & veggies that rarely get eaten, the deli drawer full of meats & cheeses, the tall shelves that hold milk & 2-liters, the squatty short shelves for all the pickle jars you buy bc you can’t remember if you have any pickles, and… Continue reading The anatomy of a refrigerator.

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Back-to-school checklist.

Some of you have kids who have already started back to school. Some of your kids will be headed there in the next couple of weeks. And some of your kids still have a month or more of summer (you have my permission to disregard this blog post). We start next week. I go back… Continue reading Back-to-school checklist.