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Luke’s Lifesavers t-shirts are waiting to be ordered!

Want a really cool t-shirt that supports a really great cause? Grab a Luke’s Lifesavers t-shirt! What is Luke’s Lifesavers? Luke’s Lifesavers is our JDRF One Walk team name. Luke helped come up with the name last July when we decided to create a team for the walk. Why are you selling t-shirts? We are selling… Continue reading Luke’s Lifesavers t-shirts are waiting to be ordered!

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Progress to Type None One Walk Kickoff.

We have officially kicked off One Walk season! Two weeks ago we attended the Progress to Type None One Walk Kickoff at the Kroc Center in South Bend. It was a ton of fun with rock climbing, swimming, playing in the gym, and most of all- meeting other Type 1 families. I finally got to… Continue reading Progress to Type None One Walk Kickoff.

Awareness & advocacy · Fundraising · JDRF · One Walk

Our first fundraiser was a success!

September 25, 2016 marks the date of this year’s JDRF One Walk in Mishawaka. (Mark your calendars and walk with the Luke’s Lifesavers team!) Last year we barely made the walk. By the time we were diagnosed and felt comfortable with everything, it was just around the corner. We managed to raise $1200 in just a couple… Continue reading Our first fundraiser was a success!

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One big family.

The day Luke was diagnosed, and we were all settled in to our temporary living space, I quickly learned what an incredible, amazing, HUGE support system we have as a Type 1 family. As soon as we left the doctor’s office with the official diagnosis, I called four of the most important people in my… Continue reading One big family.

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Feeling normal again.

We had our first JDRF Northern Indiana meet-up over the weekend at Shepard Swim School. It was so nice for Joel and I to meet so many other Type 1 parents, all sharing similar, yet different stories of our kiddos. Some takeaways from me: Joel and I have always been grateful that Luke’s diagnosis didn’t come until he was… Continue reading Feeling normal again.

A new norm · JDRF · T1D 101

How it’s going to be.

The other night we had Culver’s for dinner. I had a coupon, so I let Luke get a Concrete Mixer with dinner. He’s had one before, since diagnosis. No biggie. We’ll just bolus* for it. A few hours pass and we seemed to have done pretty well with our carb-counting and bolusing. Luke’s blood sugar remained… Continue reading How it’s going to be.

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Sometimes I think it’s a dream.

Every once in awhile, usually while I’m getting dinner around, it hits me that this carb-counting stuff is forever. Tonight was one of those nights. I don’t really even know how to explain it. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to counting carbs that, for a mere second, I think, “Wait! I don’t really have… Continue reading Sometimes I think it’s a dream.

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JDRF One Walk 2015.

JDRF is an amazing organization that fundraises year-round. The ultimate goal of JDRF is to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. The money raises each year is used towards research for improving the lives of T1Ds, as well as searching for that cure. There are some amazing developments going on right now! Each year… Continue reading JDRF One Walk 2015.